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Lets play the wasting time game!!! [Thursday
March 12th, 2009 at 11:19pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yay! I'm totally wasting time

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For once I can accurately say, I am proud to be an American [Wednesday
November 5th, 2008 at 1:00am]
[ mood | excited ]

My President Is Black Lyrics

[Intro: Young Jeezy]
Yeah, be the realest shit I never wrote
I ain't write this by the way nigga, some real shit right here nigga
This'll be the realest shit you ever quote
Let's go!

[Hook: Young Jeezy}
My president is black, my Lambo's blue
And I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too
My momma ain't at home, and daddy's still in jail
Tryna make a plate, anybody seen the scale?
My president is black, my Lambo's blue
And I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too
My money's light green and my Jordans light grey
And they love to see white, now how much you tryna pay?
Let's go!

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
Today was a good day, hope I have me a great night
I don't know what you fishin for but catch you a great white
Me, I see great white, heavy as killer whales
I cannot believe this, who knew it came in bails
Who knew what came with jail, who knew what came with prison
Just cause you got opinions, does that make you a politician?
Bush robbed all of us, would that make him a criminal?
And then he cheated in Florida, would that make him a seminal?
I say and I quote, "We need a miracle"
And I say a miracle cause this shit is hysterical
By my nephews and nieces, I will email Jesus
Tell him forward to Moses and CC Allah
Mr. Soul Survivor, guess that make me a Konvict
Be all you be, now don't that sound like some dumb shit
When you die over crude oil as black as my nigga Boo
It's really a Desert Storm, that's word to my nigga Clue
Catch me in Las Vegas, A.R. Arizona
Rep for them real niggas, I'm winnin in California
Winnin in Tennessee, hands down Atlanta
Landslide Alabama, on my way to Sevana


[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
I said I woke up this morning, headache this big
Pay all these damn bills, feed all these damn kids
Buy all these school shoes, buy all these school clothes
For some strange reason my son addicted to Polos
Love me some spinach dip, I'm addicted to Houston's
And if the numbers is right I take a trip out to Houston
An earthquake out in China, a hurricane in New Orleans
Street Dreams Tour, I showed my ass in New Orleans
Did it for Soulja Slim, brought out B.G.
It's all love Bun, I'm forgivin you Pimp C
You know how the Pimp be, that nigga gon' speak his mind
If he could speak down from heaven he'd tell me stay on my grind
Tell him I'm doin fine, Obama for mankind
We ready for damn change so y'all let the man shine
Stuntin on Martin Luther, feelin just like a king
Guess this is what he meant when he said that he had a dream


[Verse 3: Nas]
Yeah, our history, black history, no president ever did shit for me
Had to hit the streets, had to flip some keys so a nigga won't go broke
Then they put us in jail, now a nigga can't go vote
So I spend doe, all these hoes is trippin
She a ain't a politician, honey's a polotician
My president is black, rolls golden charms
Twenty-two inch rims like Hulk Hogan's arms
When thousands of peoples is riled up to see you
That can arouse ya ego, we got mouths to feed so
Gotta stay true to who you are and where you came from
Cause at the top will be the same place you hang from
No matter how big you can ever be
For whatever fee or publicity, never lose your integrity
For years there's been surprise horses in this stable
Just two albums in, I'm the realest nigga on this label
Mr. Black President, yo Obama for real
They gotta put your face on the five-thousand dollar bill


[Outro: Young Jeezy]
So I'm sittin right here now man
It's June 3rd haha, 2:08 AM
Nigga I won't say win, lose or draw
Man we congratulate you already homie
See I motivate the thugs right
You motivate us homie, that's what it is
This a hands on policy, y'all touchin me right nigga
Yeah, first black president, win, lose or draw nigga
Haha, matter of fact, you know what it is man
Shouts out to Jackie Robinson, Booker T, Washington homie
Oh you ain't think I knew that shit?
Sydney portea what dey do?
Haha, my president is black
I'm important too though, my Lambo's blue
I was, I was the first nigga to ride through my hood in a Lamborghini yeah haha

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It's November 4th... [Tuesday
November 4th, 2008 at 11:59am]
[ mood | excited ]

Have you voted yet!?

So long long time, and no blog but I hope everybody who can vote have gone and voted. If not, what the hell are you doing!?

And to those who can not vote, whether you are too young, not a citizen, etc., well there is this niffty site that lets you vote. So... click me!

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It's been awhile [Thursday
April 24th, 2008 at 10:13pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

What do I do when I'm thrown into a position
Making decisions for people
Decisions that I have no right to make
But they insist
I have to make it
So if anything goes wrong, at least they'll have someone to blame
And it's not themselves

I've given up on myself a long time ago
Maybe that's why I put so much effort in caring for strangers
Making their lives feel not too much like hell
And take some of their pain out of their head
And into mine
But I can only take so much
Before I'm just completely overwhelmed and I just can't take it anymore
But why do I keep going back?
Taking the pain for them, so they could at least sleep with some peace of mind
Am I being selfish now?
I realize my life is nothing to complain about
Other people have more serious problems than me
But what can I do?
Can't I be selfish for one day?
Maybe for an hour, no?
A minute... a second
Both of them
They're both in a fragile state of mind
And I seem to have taken the role of heh Superman
Their savior, hero, etc
But how can I help someone when I can't even help myself?
How many times have I ignored myself
My sanity slowly crumbling
And I'm not doing anything to patch up the wall
Just to keep myself from falling back to old ways
heh we'll see
Time will tell

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Seriously... [Wednesday
March 26th, 2008 at 1:28am]
[ mood | sick ]

What's the point anymore?
This shit that I'm going through is so pointless it's just getting me even more depressed
I thought you were my friend... but that's bullshit
Seriously, what did I say that made you so mad that you can't even speak to me anymore?
What did I say?
I don't even remember
I must not remember because it wasn't all that serious
But it must have been to you
Even if I do apologize, it wont mean anything
So why do you still want it?
This whole nonsense is making me sick
And I just don't want to deal with it anymore

I want to vomit

And I want Chester

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Everything would be better if that bitch wasn't around [Thursday
November 29th, 2007 at 4:32pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

College life would seriously be less stressful if I didn't have a devil for my teacher.
She picks out a student before the class begins and treat them like they were nothing
I was unfortunate to be picked this year
And now I'm at the point where I risk my attendance to this school next year
All because of this one fucking Professor
She wants me gone
And she never wants to see me ever succeed in anything
She believes that my attendance here was a mistake
She keeps asking me why I'm here
She keeps questioning me
She assumes that I have a learning disability
And she claims that I have an attitude
When I tried to write a paper that was creative and different
She threw it back at my face and told me to do it over
And write it like an educated person
What am I supposed to say to that?
She kills my motivation to do anything in her class
She's making me hate the subject, even though it was an important event in history
She's making me hate everything that I stand for
And she's making me hate the other half of myself
So now I'm in a position
Where I may be able to redeem my status as a Bates student
My last paper
My final project
I've told her what I wanted to write
And she hated it
But I'm going to do it anyway
And present it to the class
And see what they think of me
Will they form their own opinion and praise my intelligence
Or will they gather around the teacher and spit on my work
We'll see...
We'll defiantly see

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November 3rd, 2007 at 2:53pm]
[ mood | good ]

This looks like a really interesting movie
Can't wait till it comes out!

Look I even have a daemon!

Isn't he so cute!!!

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*sigh* [Wednesday
October 31st, 2007 at 3:23pm]
[ mood | depressed/pissed ]

FYS sucks balls
And my teacher likes to threaten me during class
In front of everybody
Seriously... what is her deal?
So I'm not the best in grammar
So I can't recognize what I'm doing wrong
So then... why can't you show me what I'm doing wrong
Instead of writing down "write like an educated person and use correct grammar" on the fucking class plan
Why the fuck did you have to show that to everyone?
Why don't you try and tell me what I'm doing wrong
Why can't you teach this to me instead of sending me to someone else, so I would be their "problem"
You're a Harvard graduate, you can surely teach right?
Well if I'm failing in your class, then I guess you can't.

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October 29th, 2007 at 10:14am]
[ mood | weird ]

I had an education dream about marine animals and how they live...

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The moon shines bright tonight [Friday
October 26th, 2007 at 12:44am]
[ mood | predatory ]

This is the type of night I want to be out
Naked in the woods
Covered with mud and leaves
Just running
Passing through the trees
And jumping over streams
I want to prey on something
Stalk my dinner
Creep and crawl
Drawing closer and closer to my kill
The full moon casting a ghostly glow onto my bare skin
My hands and feet only making a soft crinkle in the fallen leaves
I want to pounce
My teeth bared wide and ready to sink into my prey
I want to chew
And gnaw on its bones
I want to kill
And bathe in the warmth of its blood
I want to be free
And run wild in the woods

This moon, this full moon is making me go crazy...
Animal instincts...

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Good bye TV-Links... I will miss you [Monday
October 22nd, 2007 at 11:32pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Grr fucking asswipes called FACTs shut down tv-links and arrested the owner of the site
Is it really bad to watch The Simpsons, when I find it convinent for me.
Because you know I don't have the time to go watch tv everyday, I've got other things to do
But when I do have some free time, why can't I watch tv on my computer!?
No... I have to pay for it
Like I had to pay for all those movies I downloaded and got caught for
Fucking grr
I promise I will never download anything ever again
hehe... until the year rolls by and they finally put me off their black list
Then psh whatever movie I feel like watching is going back onto my external hard drive or my iPod
Fucking pricks
Donkey ramming ass rapers
How am I going to watch the new episode of South Park now?
Oh wait I have a site for that...
You know they may have shut down one of the major tv linking sites
But there are more out there
And they can't find all of them
Even if they do... they'll just put more up
And people will help link the movies or tv shows or whatever they want to watch
And there will be another tv links
So I'll wait... maybe for a week
And I'll have a new tv links bookmarked on my computer

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I am dying!!!! [Sunday
October 14th, 2007 at 10:59am]
[ mood | sick ]

Ahhh stupid cold go away

I really don't want to have this cold when I go back home Tuesday night

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DAMN YOU NOSE!!! [Thursday
October 11th, 2007 at 10:44pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm ready to shove a tampon up there to collect all the damn mucus!!!
I told myself that I wasn't going to get sick, but now I have a slight runny nose and a sore throat
The best thing to do is go straight to bed, but I've got that fucking paper to write and I know damn well I don't think I'll be able to finish it by 4 tomorrow to pass it in.
Ok... this is what I'll do
Seeing as half the paper is already written and all I have to do is add in the part about economics and then I'm good....
All I need to do is read that packet
Ok ok
I'll read the packet, take down notes and go to fucking bed!
Shit, three tests in a row
Gah just blow me...

P.S. FUCK YOU!!! (You know who the fuck you are) bitch

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How are things on the west coast? [Wednesday
September 26th, 2007 at 10:13pm]
[ mood | working ]

I can't pretend I don't need to defend some part of me from you
I know I've spent some time lying...

Your the night
The dirty night
That keeps us going...
No one left to fear

mmmm... papers suck
*totally wasting time*

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I'm a kitten hear me roar! [Wednesday
September 26th, 2007 at 12:55am]
[ mood | awake ]


mmm So I love not sleeping
Even though I have an 8 o'clock class tomorrow
I love not writing my paper
Even though it was due two days ago
I just love being sooo fucking lazy...
I already skipped two days worth of classes
Just because I didn't want to get up
I really need to get out of this habit

I've got a full schedule tomorrow
Gah that's just some major ass-ramin right there
Oh, plus I get no lunch
Wooo tomorrow I'm going to write a paper in one hour
Can I do it!?

P.S. I've been getting this urge to write some smut.... I don't know why

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September 23rd, 2007 at 1:39pm]
[ mood | working ]

You have no idea how happy this music video makes me

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You make me sick sometimes... [Tuesday
September 18th, 2007 at 2:56pm]
[ mood | bored ]

mmm soo I'm just chilling here right now
because my pants aren't dried yet so they have to go through another run
I'm actually watching a new music video by Interpol
Playing my favorite "No I in Threesome"
god.. I love that song
So yeah... I'm sampling it now

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September 16th, 2007 at 11:01pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So I'm sitting here
Waiting for my movie to download
In the dark
It's kind of depressing sounding
But I'm just really tired
Drunk people are annoying
And stupid assholes makes me want to punch them in the face
Besides from that everything is all good
Papers are lame
Especially when they're due the next day
The washer and dryer are always being used
So I don't know when the hell I can get to my laundry
I miss home
People think I'm depressed
This weekend I'll be able to see my family
And then it's not until October when I can go home for the first time
I really do miss home...

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Mecha-Shiva bitches! [Tuesday
September 4th, 2007 at 11:13am]
[ mood | hungry ]

So it's kind of funny how often people change
Sometimes change is good
Sometimes its bad
I guess I have changed a lot
And I don't know if it's for better or for worse
I guess nobody really knows
And I just want to ramble on about nothing because I have to kill almost an hour
I'm really hungry
I missed breakfast
There is going to be a barbecue for lunch
Yum Yum
People here are generally nice
I've actually met some people, some new companions you could say
And it's going very well
I am relatively comfortable at the place I'm at
But I do get a little lonley when I don't see my cats
Or my family
I guess it's because of the routine life I lived before coming here
And every morning I would wake up in my room
Pet the kitties
And go find something to eat
But now here I don't wake up in my room
But a room that has occupied many others before me
And I don't go and pet the kitties
Instead I rush to the bathroom before anybody can get in
But you know what its not so bad
I'm always surrounded by friends... well acquaintances for now
And its not like I'm eating breakfast alone
Like I did when I was living at home
But eating breakfast at a crowded table
Full of nice people who mostly share the same intrestes that I do
I am not alone for I am surrounded by people
And I don't feel alone, which is always good
But I wouldn't mind going back home for a day...

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I am officially a Batesie now! [Sunday
September 2nd, 2007 at 12:02pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

It's day two here at Bates and I gotta say.... it's not so bad
Last night was a bit hard to fall asleep because some of the noise downstairs and in the halls, but still it's not so bad
I just have to keep myself busy
And one of those things may be me going to the gym at least twice a week
Get into a routine
And keep myself busy

I miss my iPod... like bad
It would make my walks around campus faster if my mind was a bit distracted

Well... I don't know what I should do
I know I really need to shower

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